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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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member of the naacp. >> whatever your choice is in life that is up to you, not me. but the lord said laviticus 18 and 22, it is an abomination. >> council member beckels co-sponsored the proclamation. >> we want to share with our young people we love them and we accept them for who they are. >> some took issue with designating june as gay pride month because it coincide was the celebration of juneteenth, marking the end of slavery. >> you don't have time to talk about anything when it relates to black folks. >> and the comments were considered to be the most offensive. >> would you take any of it back? >> no. >> are you going to do it again, tonight? >> yeah. i'll do it begin. as long as i don't say anything about harming anyone. >> and are you worried some
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people may get up there ask talk again? >> no. i feel like voices will be minimized. >> and the folks from the center and attending the rally plan to ask the counsel members to sign a pledge they'll speak out against hate in the commute. and this meeting set to begin at 6:30. >> california's ban on gay marriage appeared on a fast track. the court refused to reconsider a decision triking down proposition 8. and this does not mean gay marriage can resume here. >> opponents of the quality of 90 days ask the u.s. supreme court if they'll hear this case. if they say no, people can
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start planning weddings once again. >> we continue to be confident the majority of the skourt is going to uphold prop l and there is a possibility they will hear the case, cot court could choose to hear one challenging defense of marriage act. the law limiting marriage between a man and woman. >> and will they or won't they? it seems a judge is going to decide if students will be able to take their final exams and graduate. parents are asking to stay their suspension and say students won't be able to graduate if they can't makeup yesterday's, and today's tests. and the school informed they can return tomorrow to take tests. >> and there are california
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estimateses turnout at the polls could reach is historic lows. 17 million california yinz are registered to vote. that is up from four years ago. california is not competitive for races for federal offices and local and county issues don't interest the average voter. >> the growing use of mail in ballot could impact the turnout. and david has been checking in there. >> we sure have. you don't have to get out of the car to vote. here just drive by. hand your ballot to an elections official. and there is no wonder some are saying they're feeling lonely as the maytag repairman. by noon time, only 32 ballots had been cast at this polling place.
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>> this is slow. >> a volunteer at the rose garden says she'll vote later. >> there is everything waiting for when i get home eithers came up with excuses why they won't cast a ballot. >> are you planning on voting today? >> i wasn't. >> it's been busy at work. and a lot a lot of burning issues i've heard about. >> santa clara county mailed out 144 that are 26% have been returned. >> when you looked there are about 26%. i think we're going make that 40, maybe 45%. >> and there is and could with made difficult for passage. >> we've got to get in there to support the schools.
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>> and there is contra costa and sonoma has one measure, seniors can apply for an exemption. and to make it easy, there are some that still like to vote in person. >> call me old school. i like to come and make sure this gets counted and get a sticker. >> and this is likely votes under utilized precincts may be consolidated. >> and there is a look at some of the biggest races on the ballot. propositions 29 and 29 getting most attention. prop 29 raising taxes on cigarettes, 28 changing term limits. the measure b cutting pension benefits for employees.
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measure a opening up garbage contract to competitive bidding for the first time in 80 years and there is revenue going to social services. stay with us for latest coverage and results tonight. you can go to abc 7 for returns as soon as polls close. abc 7 news will tweet results throughout the night. and you can follow us on twitter. >> the board of supervisors is deadlocked on who will replace nadya lockyear. she resunshined her seat april 20th. and this afternoon, the board narrowed down her replace manies. they're meeting and zriing t to -- trying to decide which it's going to be.
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and president obama will be in san francisco tomorrow and this is a 24 hour visit to california and two stops in san francisco. there are three in los angeles. and there are none of them opened to the public. california tops the nation in contributions to the obama campaign. >> hundreds of people in search of a new job may get that call saying you're hired. a free job fair just wrapped up in concord rm recruiters had an opportunity to interview hundreds on the spot. >> there is sutter health here today. we're hiring for 500 plus jobs and if you've missed the job fair, you can go to job
5:08 pm and drop an application there. >> and there is our web site abc 7 our next hire event is tuesday, july 10th about a month from now, noon until 4:00 p.m. at hot well -- hotel whitcomb in san francisco. >> and this is timed to coincide with a commission and. >> this used to make $1500 in one month. now, we're making $3,000 tax. but the real people are working and out of the driver's money. half goes to this stake holder. that is wrong. >> and sf-mta says the primary
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concern is improving taxi service for customers and drivers. >> accused serial killer sent a letter from the marin county jail to the i team saying he's innocent. the 78-year-old will go on trail for the murders of four women police identified as prostitutes. and in the letter he addresses dna found on panty hose used in one attack f true, all it may prove is that defendant had sex with a victim days before she was murdered. end quote. dan noyes will have more on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> coming up, how some schools are going after rowdy parents who misbehave during graduation. >> and there is an honor student who overcame a life long illness to be part of pomp and circumstance today. >> a warmer pattern setting
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up. i'll let you know when you'll start to feel it coming up. >> and there is planet venus and a rare event. you can see
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>> this is the time of the year for graduations. it's especially gratifying for one teenager who received a heart transplant just months ago. abc 7 news has the story from sanford. >> this is not just a celebration of academic achieve manies, but the 17-year-old marks a milestone in a journey. he was born with a congenital heart detect that sent him to the hospital in april. >> this is two weeks i would have been on life support
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machine. i'd say within probably last week, boy be dead. >> in may a donor's heart saved his life, just six days after that risky operation, doctors at lucille pack yard childrens hospital had to perform brain surgery to remove an unexpected blood clot. and there is just weeks later the parents under the front row. he receives his high school dip plom why. >> amazing here today. and when he graduated today. >> in overcoming odz he managed to graduate near the top of his class and seventy-two college scholarships in his quest. >> and in some ways i can say only two pages of home work instead of five. he wanted to do the same thing his peers were doing. >> william won't be able to attend uc san diego until next
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fall. so he'll be coming back here to the hospital's school as a tutor. that is one way he's paying it forward. his wish is that more people would become organ donors. >> this saved my life. i'm living and breathing and beating proof if you tick that box... you save lives. >> at this graduation, the applause is both for message, and the young man with a strong heart delivering it. >> and is what is usually a joifl occasion has become a nightmare for some around the country who are warned about becoming too excited. one woman was handcuffed and arrested after cheering too loudly for her daughter. >> i can't show my excitement? i can't cheer?
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i can't applaud? let her know i'm so proud of you? that is all i can picture me crying looking at the police saying no i'm not going in there. >> and outside cincinnati, ohio anthony had a diploma withheld because of wild applause from family and friends. the school wants the popular senior and family to complete 20 hours of community service before making graduation official. >> there is a a dream come true for sky watchers. wayne? >> we're used to seeing venus glowing but this is different. this brought people out to the space and science center. for two hours there is a people cycling through to try
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to take a look. venus transit are rare. and they have pair that's are more than 100 years apar. and there is a rare and gifted generation humans will not appreciate this again until 2017. transit like an eclipse exsnept relation to the sun. and there is more thn a curiosity through one event at stron mer told me venus has an atmosphere. >> sometimes you can see it's back dropped by darkness of space. there is an outline that is light refracted through atmosphere of venus. and that is observation. >> and if you're at home
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hopefully you know not to look directly at the sun. here they have telescope seating, video screens projecting on a piece of paper and there is this out of a hardware store. it's 14 times thickness. if you look through this, it's everything else black and doesn't look like that. and this is he going to be bigger and sharper than anything you see anywhere else. >> thank you. >> it's really fascinating. have you so-to-see how small venus look autos there is sandhya patel with more on us. >> and there is still time to view tonight. and until sunset. i want to reemphasize very important, dmot look directly
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into the sun. last night at 11:00 i mentioned there are different ways to view the transit of venus. one is through special telescope was filters and another through binoculars. i did not make clear i want to make clear now. let me just show you what you're wanted to do with binoculars. keep the cap on. point one side of the binoculars to the sun. do not look into the binoculars. project that image of the sun to paper, there has to be special filters as well. do not look directly into the sun. and want to show you live doppler 7 hd. there is an outside shot right now from our sutro camera. there is a puffy clouds, lots of blue skies from our cam
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rachl we're going see this tomorrow. and there are temperatures increasing. you'll see what's happening. it's quiet and we have had isolated showers developing. and there are temperatures into upper 50s along the coast. low 0z and running warmer, it's on the windy side. sfo reporting winds westerly, gusting to 39 miles per hour. 29 miles per hour winds in san jose. breezy in concord. there is sunny, warmer tomorrow, breezy conditions on friday. so temperatures will be coming down on friday. this is pushing out of here and that is going to set the stage for a ridge of high pressure. it's a sunny, warmer wednesday for you. we're going to see warming and temperatures coming up 10
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degrees tomorrow afternoon. as you'll notice things change, tomorrow is clear. by thursday there are low clouds spilling back in and that means coastal areas will be seeing their temperatures coming down just a little bit. inland areas remain on the mild to warm side. tomorrow morning low 40s to low. >>s and clear skies. tomorrow afternoon, 77 in santa rosa and nappa. warmer days in san francisco. there is 62 in half moon bay. low 70s in palo alto. and antioch you're going from 71 today to 80 dogs tomorrow afternoon. 80s in fairfield. beautiful day. blue skies. 76 for new morgan hill, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. it's a warmer one for wednesday. low 60s to low 80s we'll keep that range of temperatures for thursday. and cooler, breezy friday. and by weekend we're going low
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60s to low 80s so coming up saturday. sunday, warmer, mid-60s to mid-80s and check out near 90 degree autos interest. >> that is perfect. >> thank you. >> just ahead a traffic scuffle that will make you think twice before you hit your car horn again. >> then, who was he talking to? when? that is what officials want to know about ross mirkarimi. the ruling about his phone, and text records when abc 7 news at 6:00. we'll be right back here. hello?
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>> there is something sm breaking news out of castro valley it happened in the area of grove way and center street. authorities have stopped a car in the middle of the street and using canine units to track someone down. we understand they did track that person down. the person who was shot is a murder suspect and that person was shot, taken to the hospital as you look live and we do know that that person is in custody at the hospital and being treated. >> just 10 minutes ago a judge ruled against the parents of brentwood high school students suspended for vantalizing heritage high school with paint and barred a group for holding a march over the weekend and set a new meeting. the parents sued to stay the
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suspension and graduation takes place this weekend. >> and in colorado littleton police ticketed a man accused of slapping a woman for honking at her after traffic got backed up. >> he didn't do anything. i honked again. he got out of the car. a guy in a prius. i'm thinking he wants to talk to me about something. maybe the car is dead. >> she rolled down her window she can see he was angry. the driver police say he admitted he was trying to get over three lanes of traffic and that is, that he slapped her because she continued to mouth off, his words. >> he hit me hard. and i went back to my doctor. it's messed up again. >> police gave him a ticket for harassment and ticketed bianachi for illegal use of the horn. >> and stay with us. we'll be right back. ed
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coming up at 6:00 an accused killer share whaez calls the true story with abc 7 news. the alphabet killer in his own words. >> network created here that gives us a realtime look at quality of the air we breathe. >> and there is santa cruz surf is a point of interest. >> larry o'neal opening his first shop in 1959. >> and it's equivalent of a silicon valley garage where apple was founded but now it's been paved over by a parking lot he says he invented the wet suit and the city hoping to put up a tribute to the shop. >> wow. >> cool. world news is next. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. from all


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